Radowid | About Us
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Konrad Urban

During Konrad’s studies at Durham University, he began to rediscover Poland. Through the contrast with a new culture, what was Polish became clearer. He decided to share Poland’s beauty through art that is not contained in galleries. He was deeply inspired by the Slavonic name Radowid, which means “bringing happiness through seeing” – happiness that he wanted to bring too.

Jakub Zagdański

After gaining hundreds of hours of experience in hunting for original, yet understated items Jakub wants to bring the beauty of the Polish folk culture to the connoisseurs of menswear. As an economist with a penchant for sartorial elegance, Jakub has an eye both for beauty and business. His favourite style lesson? Let your attire do the talking for the first minute of the conversation!

Azja Kamińska

Azja graduated the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź. The colourful “African wax” patterns she uses in her brand AFÖ clothes fascinated her for many years. When we asked her why she wanted to join Radowid, she said “Merging the contemporary with the traditional revives cultural codes in a completely new dimension. Seeing Polish folk motifs was an impulse I had to act upon and employ in my designs for Radowid” – this answer was a solid 10/10 for us.